Dear Jim Butler Collision Center

On July 20th 2012, I had my 2004 Saturn Ion towed to Jim Butler Collision Center following an Auto accident. In the trauma of the moment I must have locked my keys in the car. My niece has a second set of keys for the Saturn, and she kindly dropped the keys off in the lock box attached to a keychain that has personal value to me. It was one of those unusual things attached to fond memories.

Sherry that was one of the nicest things you could have done. Ed was also extremely helpful to me in cleaning out my personal belongings from the car after it was declared a total loss. You and Dan responded to my many phone calls about whether the insurance company had come to look at the damages to my car and let me know what was going on.

The South County Jim Butler Dealership and Collision Center have always been high on my list. I have always taken my Saturn to the Jim Butler Dealership for repairs because I feel if they want me as a customer for a new car they will provide me with honest, reliable care of my current car. I had a small repair some years ago on my first Saturn at the Collision Center. I had a good experience then and I had one now.

Sherri, Ed, and Dan keep up your great customer service in the Collision Center. Thanks to each of you for your personal and kind treatment of me. I have another used Saturn that I will be getting to replace my other Saturn. I will continue to get my cars maintained at the Jim Butler dealership.

Please pass this letter on to your bosses, particularly the owner of Jim Butler Auto Services. They need to know the quality of employees they have and the efforts you make to deliver good customer service.

Dear Jim Butler Collision Center

Words can’t express how ecstatic I am to have an awesome car insurance co. such as Geico. It was a pleasure having you, Jared, as my claim adjuster along with the Jim Butler staff that worked on my vehicle. You all went over and beyond my expectations, I am truly grateful.

Even when I thought I was going to be without a vehicle when my car rental ran out, I was distraught because I have 4 children (8 yr, 3yr, 1yr) and I didn’t know what I was going to do without a vehicle. I was shocked and relieved that Jim Butler stepped in to pay the rental coverage so I wouldn’t be without a vehicle.

I just wanted to express my gratitude to you Jared, Geico and the Jim Butler staff.

Thanks a million you guys are great!